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Apple Prime Day deals still available: Save $150 on MacBook Air, $350 iPad Mini, $199 AirPods Pro

Though the main event is officially over, some of the best deals are still active.

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    Though Amazon's Prime Day sale officially ended Wednesday at midnight PT, you can still get many of the best deals on Apple products. And it's not just Apple stuff -- we're keeping track of all of the best Prime Day deals still available and Walmart's best "Big Save" deals that are still lingering. 

    Bắn cá koiHere's a quick recap of the best Apple deals currently live:

    • The entry-level  is on sale for $850; that's a $150 discount and the lowest price we've ever seen for this model. 
    • The , with the same processor and twice as much storage as the , is selling for $350 (save $49).
    • The are selling for $199 (save $51).
    • The are on sale for $190 (save $60).
    • The  are now on sale for $200 (save $100).

    In the space below, we'll continue to keep track of current prices and how they square up with discounts we've seen in the past. For each product, we've also included a "strike price" for the entry-level model in that category, which represents our best guess for the price at which you should buy. We'll also point out that Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Newegg are all having competing sales, and they sometimes out-discount Amazon when it comes to Apple products. So long as it's an authorized Apple retailer -- and each of those stores is -- we'll be sure to feature them here, too. For us, the best price always wins.

    Dan Ackerman/CNET

    In 2020, Apple upgraded the MacBook Air with an improved keyboard and twice the storage, and restored it to the sacred $999 price. Amazon continues to sell it for $150 -- the all-time low price for this model, and probably the lowest price we'll see until Black Friday. (You'll see the full sale price at checkout.) Note that we expect new Macs with iPad-style "Apple silicon" chips, possibly before the end of the year. Read our MacBook Air review.

    Strike price: $850

    Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

    Introduced in 2019, the Mini has an A12 processor and Pencil support -- just like the 2020 10.2-inch iPad, which is currently on sale for $299 -- but twice as much storage.

    Strike price: $336Bắn cá koi

    David Carnoy/CNET

    Bắn cá koiThe Powerbeats Pro are superior to the AirPods in sound and battery life -- and also feature fast pairing, rock-solid wireless connectivity and always-on Siri voice-recognition for iOS users. This is a very good price.

    Strike price: $175

    Sarah Tew/CNET

    After briefly hitting $190 at Woot on Monday, Amazon once again has the lowest price, $199, on the AirPods Pro, which is $50 off Apple's list price.

    A few of Apple's other "pods" are also on sale:

    • currently cost $160 (save $39). 
    • are on sale for $18.59 (save $11.40).
    Sarah Tew/CNET

    Though it was announced just a month ago, Amazon and other retailers have already discounted the space-gray entry-level 10.2-inch iPad -- and we had hoped to see it go on sale today for $250. (For a fleeting moment during last year's holiday season, the now discontinued 2019 version was available for $229, but the Prime Day low was $250.)

    Amazon's supply of 10.2-inch iPads has come and gone over the past few days. At the moment, you can buy it for $299, though it won't ship until November. That noted, we'd hold out for an even lower price. Read our Apple iPad 2020 review.

    Strike price: $250 for 32GBBắn cá koi


    Currently discounted to match its 2019 Black Friday low price of $169, the GPS-only Series 3, which came out in 2017, remains the least expensive model in Apple's watch portfolio -- and, in light of its age and humble feature set, also the most dubious value. With the  currently selling for $279, it'd be hard to recommend buying the Series 3, even at its current sale price. If Amazon drops the price significantly lower -- maybe. Read our Apple Watch Series 3 review.

    Strike price: $129 for 38mm, $169 for 42mm

    César Salza/CNET

    The priciest, fastest and most feature-packed of the bunch, the Series 6 can measure your blood oxygen level and runs on the new S6 processor. Both the red and white 40mm models are currently on sale for $15 off -- which is Amazon's "standard" though intermittent discount on the newest Apple Watch models. Given that the Series 6 is the current top-tier model, and came out only last month, it's quite possible that a $15 discount is the best deal we'll see in the near term. That noted, the Black Friday period could bring even lower prices. Read our Apple Watch Series 6 review.

    Strike price: Any discount of $30 or more

    Vanessa Hand Orellana/CNET

    The most affordable Apple Watch ever released, the Apple Watch SE boasts a more powerful processor, a Retina display that's 30% larger than the Series 3's display and support for Apple's new Family Setup plan. Amazon's modest $9 discount gets us close enough to $250 to include here. But the Apple Watch Series 3 is currently selling for $169, making it the least expensive option in the current lineup. Read our Apple Watch SE review.

    Strike price: Any discount of $30 or moreBắn cá koi

    Josh Miller/CNET

    The Apple Watch Series 5, now officially discontinued, has the potential to be one of the stars of Prime Day. As recently as September, Amazon had discounted the 44mm GPS model to $299 -- that's $130 cheaper than the 44mm GPS Series 6. Given the scant differences between them -- they both have the always-on display and heart monitor, after all -- any Series 5 model that's $100 less than its Series 6 equivalent is a no-brainer. Read our Apple Watch Series 5 review.

    Strike price: $299 for 40mm, $329 for 44mm